Monday, 8 September 2014

Before banter was witty

I am a bit addicted to taking walks while listening to The American Life podcast, lately.

It started as a cure during the stretch of home-sickness I experienced last spring. The accents and phrasings are what get me in the day to day life I have as an ex pat. I miss the familiar nuances and shared nostalgia. I miss picking up a newspaper and understanding the full context of an event without having to internet search for the missing details.

So now Ira Glass and I spend a lot of time over at the Commons. Only he's really fancy and profound so at times I just listen to Relevant podcast. Which is maybe even more American in it's ambling, nonsensical way.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

I miss Target

     Among the American ex-pats that I've encountered here in London, there are strange longings that we share of our homeland... Mexican food, ziplock bags, walking on the right side of the sidewalk/stairwell, and baseball to name a few. While* chatting on an ex-pat bride's FB group, I found out that I wasn't the only Yank who missed Target. There's just something about walking through those mile long aisles and buying anything from rotating designer labels to gluten free food products.

     Sure we have ASDA here, and shopping there is quite an experience. My husband and I discovered that our local store has something of a party night feel on Fridays (complete with R&B music that's loud enough to give me 90s flashbacks).

     If you are lucky enough to have a good Target close to you, appreciate that slice of Americana. There isn't quite anything like it.

*While.... (I refuse to start saying whilst... and rubbish... and holiday), sorry (I have totally given in to the British tendency to say 'sorry' quite often)... and you might as well know that I frequently get off track during conversation. I call it 'bunny trailing' and I actually enjoy it.